pleasesitonmyyface asked:

i would lick and suck your clit as two fingers slush in and out of your dripping wet pussy and I start to curl my fingers to reach your g spot as you shove my head into your pussy and run your fingers through my hair until i had you thick sweet white cum dripping down my chin, and i might just shove my tongue deep in your pussy right as you are about to cum to i get to taste all of that sweet white cum, private :) do you have kik? where are you from?

thats more like it

bra1nfvckd asked:

hi honey! your body is amazing :) I'd watch you all day and all night ;) Some girls submitted photos of herselves and I'd like to ask you: would you like to submit to my blog too? You are so beautiful :) waiting for your answer :) xoxo Bra1n